Kaleb Justice, an up-and-coming 22-year old musician, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, hit the music scene in the Spring of 2019 with the release of his debut single, The Light . After a lifetime of singing and songwriting, the time had finally come to share his inspiration and passion with the rest of the world.

For Kaleb, music is as natural as walking or talking and it is interwoven into the very fabric of his daily life. Before he could even crawl, Kaleb was introduced to the guitar by his parents. They would lay the instrument next to him and let him randomly pluck the strings, feel the vibration of the sound, and listen to the resonating tones. Kaleb would listen intently without ever truly realizing that one day the guitar would become one of his greatest loves.


Stupid Reality (Official Music Video)

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Sometimes u just gotta do whatever this is and let the music happen.
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Damn! This past year has been a freaking journey! I dedicated myself to getting back in shape and being healthy again (mentally and physically) and I’m so proud of what I have done in just a year. It was a lot of hard work and pain. Found out mid way through the year that half of the food I was eating I was allergic too (dairy, egg, gluten, pork, beef, etc) 😅 that was really hard getting used to but I made it work. I wanted to see what my body could do naturally too, so no preworkout or anything just eating healthy and dieting right and I’m happy to say the results were worth it. This journey isn’t over tho and I can’t wait for next years results. Still a lot of work to be done!🤘🏼

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