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Kaleb Justice, an up-and-coming 20-year old musician, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, hit the music scene in the Spring of 2019 with the release of his debut single,  The Light . After a lifetime of singing and songwriting, the time had finally come to share his inspiration and passion with the rest of the world.

Love of Music Begins

For Kaleb, music is as natural as walking or talking and it is interwoven into the very fabric of his daily life. Before he could even crawl, Kaleb was introduced to the guitar by his parents. They would lay the instrument next to him and let him randomly pluck the strings, feel the vibration of the sound, and listen to the resonating tones. As he began to grow, Kaleb’s interest and fondness for the acoustic guitar also grew as he watched his dad play regularly for entertainment. Kaleb would listen intently without ever truly realizing that one day the guitar would become one of his greatest loves.

By age ten, Kaleb experienced an instant connection with the piano and drums and looked to stretch his musical talents by teaching himself to play both instruments. In doing so, he opened the door to an exciting new form of expression that further complemented his natural ability as a guitarist. As a seventh grader, Kaleb’s authentic passion for the guitar helped him mature and excel as an artist and he truly began to shine. He carried that same passion into high school where he honed and cultivated his skills to become savvy on all three instruments.

Driving Force Behind the Music

Kaleb is unique in that his interests and hobbies extend far beyond that of music alone. He is also a devoted fan of superheroes and has an extraordinary love for the game of basketball. While most of his life was dedicated to the sport year-round, Kaleb somehow managed to fill every empty space with music. Music makes him feel alive and having the ability to create something that can be used to motivate and encourage others is extremely rewarding. He fully appreciates the gift of music and how certain songs can overwhelm a listener by invoking feelings of joy or nostalgia. Although music is experienced differently by everyone, most people have a song or two they always connect with in such a way. Creating songs that enable that experience is a great motivator and the driving force behind Kaleb’s music and his purpose.

Kaleb’s musical taste is incredibly diverse and not confined to a specific genre. Growing up, he was deeply inspired by John Mayer, Dave Mathews, and various other Rock-n-Roll artists, but most heavily influenced by 90’s grunge. Bands like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, and Pearl Jam are some of his favorites. He also enjoys the distinct and prominent sound of today’s Hip Hop and Rap entertainers like Post Malone, Khalid and Kendrick Lamar. Heavy beats and sophisticated guitar tracks highlight Kaleb’s signature sound as he attempts to incorporate all the flavors of these renowned artists.

Always Stay Positive

Kaleb despises negativity, prides himself on bringing happiness to others, and is often recognized by his peers for having a positive and enduring attitude. He was voted Best Musician in middle school, Homecoming King in high school, and Most Likely to Brighten Someone’s Day by his senior classmates. Kaleb is an avid follower of Roman Atwood whose popular slogan “Smile More” aligns well with his own values and personal beliefs. It is rare to see Kaleb without a smile on his face as he looks for opportunities to build people up and make them laugh. Above all, Kaleb cherishes family and friendships – believing nothing is more sustainable than the unconditional love and support of those who truly care.

The Future is Bright

After the release of  The Light  in April 2019, Kaleb began working on a second single  Need , as well as, his first new album in hopes that it will tell a story. The premier album will feature a collection of songs that were carefully selected and are among his personal favorites. Songs that fail to make the album will be systematically released throughout the remainder of the year and into 2020. Kaleb also designed and launched his new brand in the summer of 2019, created a clothing product line, and introduced a new website to centralize his label and products in one place.

Creating music is his passion…sharing his music is his duty. Kaleb hopes others connect with his music and experience the same joy he feels when creating it.



You can view videos here on the website or subscribe to Kaleb’s YouTube channel to access the full video library.