Hero is Live!

hero cover


Kaleb’s newest song, Hero, is live!

Uncertain times are upon us! For months, we have all been affected by an ongoing pandemic and are now facing social instability and civil unrest in many cities across the United States including Atlanta. People are frustrated, confused, angry and filled with growing concerns. There is no better time than now to share Kaleb’s new song-Hero!

Hero brings a vibe we all need and gives us a chance to relax, reflect on ourselves and helps us focus on something more positive. With a driving unforgettable beat layered with alternative rock guitar solos, Hero is reminiscent of some of the early great guitarists and a song we all need right now! We all face a struggle to become our own version of a hero and just like those make-believe heroes of our childhood – we often fail. But, some days, maybe in some small way, we succeed. Take a look in the mirror and truly see what is possible. Your potential lives in you. Be your hero!

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