New Release-Lets Fly

Lets Fly

Kaleb spreads his wings and soars to new heights with his latest release, Lets Fly!

“Amazing!”        “Best work yet!”

Lets Fly was the obvious choice for his next release after its’ unanimous selection by insiders who previewed some of his new music. Kaleb plugged away finalizing details, mixing and mastering Lets Fly for a January 22, 2021 public release date.

Lets Fly is one of those unforgettable songs you hear once and can’t get out of your head. With its’ smooth beat and catchy lyrics it sticks with you. Everything joins together perfectly in this song from the smooth velvety vocals that carry throughout and ending with a striking effortless guitar solo. Kaleb really hit his stride with this song!

Lets Fly is the second song dropped from the upcoming album, Space Girl, which will be available this spring. The album will be made up of a compilation of songs based around that undeniable feeling that drives all of us…LOVE. While the world is full of negativity and hate, it is also abundant with positivity and love.

Love is bigger than all of us…and sometimes even out of this world.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the album Space Girl!

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