Upcoming Single Release-June 1, 2020

hero teaser

Sneak Peak at Kaleb's New Single-Available June 1, 2020

The newest single, Hero, by Kaleb Justice releases on June 1, 2020!

After a long year of college classes filled with uncertainty and many unknowns throughout the world, Kaleb turned to what he knows best-making music! Armed with a new music studio-personally designed and built by him during the first few weeks of the quarantine-Kaleb was eager to continue pumping out music. His third single titled, Hero, will be available on June 1, 2020!

Hero has a different vibe from Kaleb’s first two singles, The Light and Need. His newest creation is heavily influenced by his love of 90’s rock, adds a flavorful mix of alternative beats, and features heavy guitar rhythms that are uniquely his own. Kaleb wanted his cover art to be dark and moody which highlights his personal connection with comic book heroes who face ongoing battles of good versus evil.

We all face a struggle to be our own version of a hero. Just like those make-believe heroes of our childhood, often we fail…but some days, maybe in only some small way, we succeed. “Everybody wants to be a hero!”

Listen on June 1st!