Kaleb Justice New Brand

New Logo for Kaleb Justice

It’s official! The new brand for Kaleb Justice is complete! Kaleb came up with the initial idea for his logo during final exams. He has always loved to draw during idle time at school. After completing final exams of his Senior year in May of 2019, he began to draw while he sat at his desk. From this, came the concept for what eventually became his official logo. He brought his sketches home to his Mom who is a professional designer and she helped to finalize his design into a completed logo which will be featured on all of his music going forward and incorporated into his upcoming product line of clothes, hats, and other merch. Kaleb’s logo features a simplistic design, with clean lines and a style that compliments Kaleb in every way. His online store will be opening in September selling clothing items such as comfy t-shirts, hoodies and hats, as well as additional items like stickers and guitar picks. Kaleb looks forward to continuing to share his music with others and steadily building his brand over time with a wide variety of quality products.

Visit his store in September to start shopping!